Seven kiss women stationed in Hubei Jianli, extension of the layout of the two lakes

Seven kiss dress "Three Gorges Gate City" Yidu successfully opened the door of the two lakes region, the seven kiss companies continue to accelerate the layout, from Yichang to Wuhan, Changsha and then to the center of the city's pedestrian streets flashed seven kiss women 's pretty posture. Is now seven kisses apparel and imminent in Hubei Province, "Furong country" - Jianli County, marking the brand's penetration into the women's market in Hunan and Hubei regions continue to be expanded.


Jianli shop decoration will be used in Wuhan, Wuhan, the latest decoration style, both in the overall display or background color reproduction of brand image will be upgraded. I believe seven kiss will once again lead the trend of the local shopping district, for the development of apparel retail fuel fueled.

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