Beautiful legend of pure platinum


Platinum, the treasure of ancient lost, its story is much longer than your imagination.

The meteorite impacted 2 billion years ago, before the dinosaur era, when life on Earth was simply bacteria, and a huge meteorite hit the North American part of the Earth. This is the earliest meteorite impact we know. Meteorites are the product of supernovae, formed by the explosion of a huge planet, which contains rich platinum.

Inca decoration

In the 100 years of BC, among the ancient South American civilizations, the most famous was the Inca Empire: the craftsmen made platinum rings and other ceremonial ornaments. After that, platinum disappeared in human history for 2,000 years and has been forgotten for thousands of years until European explorers discovered the New World and then entered the historical arena.

King of Metals In the 1880s, King Louis XVI of France announced that it was the only metal suitable for the king. His jeweler Mark Aitini Kennedy designed several platinum products for him, including a gorgeous sugar bowl. bowl.

Platinum Palace in the late 19th century, the enthusiasm for platinum swept through Europe and Russia. The kings, queens, tsars, and princes used platinum as their jewelry, even using platinum lines on the royal robes. King Carlos IV of Spain ordered the production of a platinum palace in the Royal Palace of Alan Whist. The entire room is decorated with hardwood inlaid with platinum, reflecting the grandeur and splendor of that era.

During the Second World War, during World War II, 1939-1945, with the outbreak of the 1939 war, platinum was declared a strategic metal in the United States for weapons and was banned from making jewelry. In the post-war period, Platinum became popular again as people became more enthusiastic about jewelry. At the "White Hot" exhibition in New York in 1947, some precious platinum and diamond jewellery were displayed, which proved that platinum was already popular at the time.

Cinderella's Platinum Shoes In 1997, an outstanding platinum work made a beautiful fairy tale a reality. Tokyo Tanaka Precious Metals Co., Ltd. made a pair of Cinderella shoes with 2 kg of platinum. This exquisite piece is on display in the UK, and the lady who fits the pair will receive a small gift.

Red carpet darling

Today, Platinum has become the precious jewelry of choice for the upper class in the world, and is also loved by global stars. When movie stars Mike Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones married in November 2000, they chose a platinum wedding ring. Platinum also appeared frequently on the red carpet of the awards ceremony, and Oscar winner Halle Berry had a special liking for it.

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