Parry show lingerie Fushun store on April 13 grand opening

After a tense preparation, the new store in Paris , Fushun, Liaoning finally opened as scheduled grand! This is also the new shop in Liaoning Anshan, Parry show opened in Liaoning, another new store! Parry show from Korea underwear brand will give Fushun women bring underwear wearing a different experience! Wish Fushun store opened!


"Parry show" brand is the intellectual and fashion underwear brand in Guangzhou City Blossoming embroidered company and a well-known Korean brand in Seoul, South Korea in 2006 to create underwear brand, and hired South Korea Fidelia brand design director Cathy featuring " Parry show "product development consultant. "Parry show" to the urban white-collar women's life, working style as the background, outlines the "intellectual, fashion, refined, independent," the brand culture.


"Paribou show" started its entry into the Chinese market on the basis of opening its first self-operated shop near Beijing Road, a well-known commercial street in the PRC; and intensively making its market in Guangdong Province, it has established "Paribushu" within three years as a well- Underwear chain brand, and was China's brand chain as "China's most fashionable underwear chain brand in 2009 and Parry show and urban beauty, the new feeling, Qian Shi Er also by the Chinese underwear fashion magazine as" the best venture Underwear joined the brand.


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