Chu Pavilion TRUGIRL - the most authoritative UL certification to create high-quality women's clothing

Chu Pavilion TRUGIRL International Fashion After three years of unremitting efforts, with the strongest product quality Dongguan, the strongest production and operation management and the most humane care, access to the United States authority UL certification. This certification in the United States is of great significance, with this UL certification means that the quality and safety of consumers is "reassurance." The Chu Pavilion TRUGIRL international fashion full implementation of UL certification, designed to let every beauty who believe in full Court TRUGIRL, full confidence in all TRUGIRL Court; allow more consumers to recognize Chu Court TRUGIRL, recognized the beautiful cause .


What is UL certification?

UL is the English abbreviation for Underwriter Laboratories Inc. UL safety test is the most authoritative in the United States, but also the world engaged in safety testing and identification of large private sector. It is an independent, not-for-profit, professional agency that tests public safety. It adopts scientific testing methods to study and determine the extent to which all kinds of materials, devices, products, equipment, buildings and the like are harmless and hazardous to life and property; to identify, compile and issue corresponding standards and to help reduce and prevent the loss of life The property suffered the loss of information, at the same time to carry out fact research business. In short, it is mainly engaged in product safety certification and business safety certification business, the ultimate goal is to have the market access to a fairly safe level of goods, to contribute to the health and property safety assurance. In terms of product safety certification as an effective means to eliminate technical barriers to international trade, UL also plays a positive role in promoting the development of international trade.

UL was founded in 1894, UL initial stage by the main fire insurance department to provide funds to maintain the movement until 1916, UL was completely independent. After nearly a century of development, UL has become a world-renowned certification body, which itself has a complete set of strict organization and management system, standard development and product certification procedures. UL is administered by a board of directors with representatives from security experts, government officials, consumers, education, utilities, insurance and standards organizations. The routine is handled by the president and vice president. At present, UL has five laboratories in the United States and is headquartered in Northbrook, a town in northern Chicago. At the same time, UL has set up laboratories in Taiwan and Hong Kong respectively.


UL certification mark on the significance of the enterprise:

1, the entire US market places great emphasis on product safety; consumers and purchase units to buy products, will choose a UL certification mark products.

2, UL history of more than 100 years, the image of security in consumers and the government are deeply rooted, if you do not sell products directly to consumers, middlemen will also require products with UL certification mark to make the best-selling products.

3, US consumers and purchasers have more confidence in their products.

4, the entire US federal, state, county, city government a total of more than 40,000 political districts, all recognize the UL certification mark.


Chu Court TRUGIRL UL certification of international fashion is not easy, during this period after a total of three times the test. UL certification steps are cumbersome, the certification process is difficult, certification requirements are harsh. However, there is an unremitting effort in the minds of the people of Chu Court, which is one of the few UL certified enterprises in the region.

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