Chu Court - you wear clothes to speak - May Day carnival purchase, a second goddess

Friendship Shopping Center, Chu Pavilion Haikou to carry out service-oriented activities for the purpose of holding "your clothes will talk about it" as the theme of the event, so that customers happy experience.

Clothing, has always been a woman's second language. Every piece of clothes has its subtext, every piece of clothes also has its own mood

Activity one: fashion experience

From Dai Zi counter Haikou Friendship Shopping Center Hall on the first floor of the hall specially customized magazine fashion wall, each customer can be happy with different themes dress, the scene of the blockbuster filming, enjoy expressing their feelings!

Activity two benefits: the audience to discount

May 1 carnival purchase, so you second goddess! From Dai Pei counter April 30 to May 4, the audience summer new 20% off, spring 6.8 fold, welcome to buy!

Event address:

Datong Road, Haikou City, Hainan Province, on the 2nd floor of Friendship Commercial Plaza Dai Zi counter

Contact: Miss Yan Tel:


Activity three: second goddess, micro channel lottery interaction

Chu Court retail store welcome "Mayday carnival free delivery, a second kind of goddess

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