"Kink buttoned" "k.kenny buckle" 08 spring and summer new listing

K.KENNY- buttoned apparel was established by Shenzhen Hongzhijie Industrial Development Co., Ltd. in June 1999.

"k.kenny buttoned clothing" is intended to "silk into the buckle", to take the top elegant version of the type and exquisite craftsmanship, and strive to perfect the harmony of the details of clothing, a model of domestic women's brands.
Brand Style:
To meet the needs of domestic urban white-collar women's needs and dress, to create a simple and elegant, subtle and elegant fashion women's style. The beauty of the harmonious balance between formal occasions and leisure life is to be achieved.
Consumer positioning:
The main body is located in white-collar females aged 23-40 years old. They have stable income, certain cultural qualities and dress grades. They like fashion but do not pursue fashion, they are elegant, they are vulgar, they are subtle and they look attractive. , Delusional personality but not too much publicity image of the dress.
With trousers, skirts, shirts, jackets, sweaters, coats, feathers, cashmere, cotton clothes, and individual items, the emphasis is on details, combinations, and combinations of clothes. Divided into spring and summer, autumn and winter, the total amount of about 520 models.
With fashion colors and feminine colors as the main body, it expresses women's subtle, elegant and generous fashion styles that emphasize fashion and feminine charm.

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