How to choose a pair of shoes that suits you

Do you only focus on the shoes when you buy shoes? Are there any “listening” voices in your foot? Does it take into consideration whether the shoes you buy are suitable?

At present, a wide variety of shoes, high heels, sandals, platform shoes, etc. easily affect the health of the foot. Many people's foot pain is related to insufficient awareness of foot care. They often wear pointed shoes or high-heeled shoes for a long time to go shopping, wear unprotected shoes for strenuous exercise, old shoes worn on the soles of shoes can not be discarded, ignore the shoes The protective effect on the feet makes the tiredness and injuries of the feet and lower limbs gradually increase, and the pain in the feet becomes more and more frequent and more and more serious. In addition to rest, the most important thing is to choose a pair of shoes that can provide sufficient support and insoles that meet your bio-mechanics, so as to effectively avoid foot pain and completely solve your troubles. Studies have shown that up to 20% of foot problems come from shoes that don't provide enough support and comfort. Therefore, when buying shoes, please buy shoes that stretch flat on your toes and make sure your heels are affixed to your shoes. Not only should we pay attention to the comfort of the shoes, the tightness and the gap between the toes, but also the materials for the shoes and the matching socks.

A pair of inappropriate shoes can cause or worsen the disease of the foot. A pair of suitable shoes can avoid these problems and protect the health of the foot. Therefore, when choosing shoes, consider and pay attention to the following points.

1, from the structure:

The shoes should have a three-maintenance concept, which is suitable for supporting arch pads, rigid heel cups, and different circumferences for the needs of fat and thin feet.

The sole must be strong and elastic with good grip.

The insole of the shoe should have an insole to absorb the bumps caused by hard roads.

Arch support can evenly distribute weight to a wide area. Hard shoes can also increase support.

Although high-heeled shoes are fun and good-looking, long-term wear and walking should be avoided. In addition to obstructing the activities of the toes, high heels can also change the body's posture and cause back pain.

2, from the appropriate degree

Only you yourself know whether it is suitable or not. Uncomfortable shoes should not be bought.

Do not wear too tight shoes.

Because the size of the foot grows with age, every time you buy a shoe you must measure it. Because the two feet can have different sizes, buy the shoes with the largest size.

The best time to buy a shoe is near evening, because the size of the foot will be larger during this period of time.

There should be a space for the fingers in the toes of the shoes, so that all your toes can swing.

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