Land transport consignment

The procedures for land transport consignment of goods are as follows:

1. Prepare the wagon plan. Each foreign trade company and industry and trade enterprise will report the monthly car wagon plan to the external transport company every month, indicate the whereabouts, and carry out the permit and stocking accordingly.

2. Handling the consignment. After receiving the letter of credit from abroad and verifying it, all foreign trade companies and industrial and trading enterprises can carry out the consignment, that is, according to the relevant documents of the letter of credit or the relevant shipping amount in the contract, as well as the name, number of pieces and date of shipment. And provide the relevant documents and send them to the foreign shipping company as the basis for ordering the wagon.

3. Implement the shipping wagon. After receiving the "consignment note", the foreign transport company, in accordance with the principle of loading, the nature of the cargo, the quantity of the cargo, the arrival of the station, etc., combined with the wagon plan, contacted the railway station, and the train station applied for the wagon according to the superior railway branch.

4. Pick up and load the car. According to the loading period, the foreign shipping company picks up the goods on behalf of the foreign trade companies to the delivery warehouse and transports them to the station yard. The station will load the goods with the shipping documents.

5. Collect the bill of lading. After the loading of the goods is completed, the freighter will be issued by the station division to indicate the details of the goods received. If it is conditionally closed at the local level, it may be sealed by the customs and the customs clearance procedures will be completed. The foreign transport company will issue the receipt of the cargo on the basis of the waybill, that is, the landed bill of lading.

6. Issue a loading notice. After the goods are loaded, the foreign trade company or the industrial and trade enterprise can issue a "Loading Notice" to the buyer, so that the buyer can prepare for payment, redemption, and receipt of the goods.