Senior man wearing cloth shoes in summer

In the summer, when the temperature rises and sweating increases, it is particularly important for the foot health to breathe and absorb sweat. Choosing a pair of soft and comfortable shoes is the first choice for this season.

Because of the relaxation of the ligaments, the wear of the bones, the thickening of the skin of the soles of feet, and the insensitivity of the peripheral nerves, the elderly also need a lightweight, comfortable, soft cloth that can buffer walking pressure to relieve foot discomfort. However, it should be noted that due to the deterioration of the muscles and ligaments, the elderly lose their elasticity of the arches, resulting in a significant drop in weight-bearing capacity. Pain in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and lower back may occur when standing or walking for a long time. Wear flat shoes, although light, but not conducive to weight or walking, more likely to cause various foot damage and strain.

Older people can choose shoes with a heel height of 1.5 cm to 2 cm, which is conducive to maintaining the arch of the elderly, and is beneficial to the standing and walking of the elderly. Moreover, improving the heel has a very significant effect on reducing foot pain. In addition, choose cloth shoes to follow the feet. Cloth shoes will generally cross the pine, so the size when buying can not be too large, the mouth can not be too tight, so as not to hinder the blood circulation.
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