Missoni 2012 spring and summer series of men's clothing: rough crazy knit

Founded in 1953 known for knitting brand Missoni (Missoni) is the representative of the Italian fashion style: well-produced and artistic expression. As the founder Michelson pursued, fashion will change, but art will never change. The theme of the 2012 spring / summer collection men's wear is knitting. The range of designs covers the possibilities of knitting, including variations of patterns, density of stitches, weaved stitching and stitching and cutting. Designers in the use of color to warm colors of the earth based, designed a series of light breathable knitwear to adapt to changes in the climate. Due to the fabric to knit material, this season's clothes are very soft and comfortable. In order to achieve a balanced effect, the designer knit tops with cool shorts and sandals, very lively, printed sandals and running shoes played a finishing touch. The 2012 spring and summer series still continue Mississauga exquisite production style and selection of fine materials, retro taste of the two buckle suit jacket with a short section of the way presents a gorgeous look, high-quality production of knitwear with Missoni Unique retro handmade flavor, coupled with the imaginative printing patterns and fashion trends followed the tailoring, so that Missoni, whether it is the signature sweaters or shorts, POLO shirts, short sleeves, etc. have a timeless confidence.

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