Adequate Dengde canvas shoes brand "enough" cloth "same" cloth shoes creative graffiti contest

This contest is a creative graffiti contest organized by "Footsubden" brand and "Kingdom of graffiti", a creative graffiti contest in the form of online graffiti + offline hand-painted cloth shoes, graffiti lovers can freely play and vote by way of netizen network Out of the awards, the activities of manuscripts submitted throughout the entire month of August, activities on the 7th day, has received more than 100 entries, many people show off their works, but also show off their own personality. About "enough" cloth "same" cloth shoes creative graffiti contest, we first understand under the organizers, "foot under the board" brand, foot under the brand is located in China's famous shoe capital Jinjiang Chen Qian, since its establishment in 1985, after twenty Years of development, under the jurisdiction of a number of subsidiaries, has been to take the product quality to conquer the market, so that the brand under the fashion casual shoes style and technology has been in a leading position in the market, and consumers receive the favor and appreciation, And major provinces and cities in the country quickly established a mature sales network. Conform to the trend, under the foot of Deng Taobao Mall opened this year, "foot under the flagship store", "cloth shoes family," a full foot Dengden under a unique way at any moment to the vast number of consumers carefully interpret the classic cloth shoes brand culture, To announce loudly to the world: We are enough "cloth" the same! And proud of it! About the event co-organizer - graffiti kingdom poobbs, graffiti kingdom was established in March 8, 2003, is based on graffiti-based nature of the exchange of free website. The idea behind the site is to go beyond the traditional idea of ​​painting and to approach the essence of the original freedom and expression of painting. There are currently more than 230,000 registered users, with daily IP traffic approaching 5,000. Well-deserved China's largest graffiti website. Fashion, young, personality, full of creativity, perhaps because precisely because they have such a group of fans of the same personality, they came together and launched a "enough" cloth "same" shoes creative graffiti contest, to provide a show for the majority of users And sway creative platform. Different brands, different cultures, different people come together to play different activities, the 31-day footsteps Gordon - "enough" cloth "same" cloth shoes creative graffiti contest is hot, according to the current The participating heat development, I believe this creative shoes graffiti contest will give us more exciting work. Details can search for "foot under the board" or "Doodle Kingdom" official website into the event page, view the activities related content!

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