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Anxiya Group [Hong Kong] Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Anxi Textile Co., Ltd. General Manager Tang believes that fashion is the first in a specific period of time by a small number of experiments that will be advocated by the community and follow the style of life. In short, fashion is the sum of "time" and "advocating." In this minimalist sense, fashion is what some people advocate in a short period of time. This fashion involves all aspects of life, such as clothing, food, behavior, residence, and even emotional expression and thinking. Many people compare fashion with fashion, but that's not the case. Fashion can be popular, but the range is very limited, if the most popular, then there are fashion sense? The pursuit of fashion is an "art." Imitation, obedience is only the "primary stage", and the realm of realm should be from a wave of fashion in extinction, extracting its essence and true meaning, to enrich their aesthetic and taste, to create their own beautiful "template" . The pursuit of fashion is not passive followers but rational and skilled control.


In order to successfully lead the trend of fashion consumption, consumers must meet the consumer psychology and popular concepts, and An Xiya is such a product. In modern society, people are no longer simply concerned about beauty and charm, but will turn more attention to health. From the perspective of caring for consumers, Anxiya carefully selects non-polluting natural bamboo fiber fabrics in strict accordance with the technical standards of "ecological underwear " and strictly controls the production process by using the newly developed high-tech "nanotechnology" to ensure that the products Green, providing consumers with healthy and pollution-free "ecological underwear." Anxiya underwear has a strong clothing design team and marketing team for the Anjiya brand in the bamboo fiber and underwear market competitiveness provides a strong guarantee. Anxiya underwear with its accurate grasp of popular culture, rapid updates, as well as a wealth of product systems and improve after-sales service, quickly occupied the domestic market.

An Xi Ya, a European-based fashion brand, is a heritage of the royal classic aristocratic culture, a brand to create a comfortable and comfortable lifestyle, landing in Mainland China in 2011. Anxiya Group (Hong Kong) Ltd. locked bamboo fiber market, launched a comfortable and sexy "ecological underwear", respected "We never chase the trend, we only lead the fashion."

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Women Swimwear

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