Bangladeshi ready-to-wear exporters target Chinese and Japanese markets

Business Club February 24th In an effort to diversify its export market, Bangladeshi apparel makers believe that China and Japan are attractive export markets for them.

At present, China’s commerce is turning to high-tech fields and labor costs have risen. Therefore, China found that it needed to find low-cost clothing for domestic consumption. Bangladesh's readymade garments sector believes that they can bridge this gap and export garments to China.

Haidum, vice president of the Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BKMEA), said: “China is a big country with the same potential as India. China’s economy is very strong. However, due to rising labor costs, its industry Cannot be maintained in the clothing sector. Therefore, entrepreneurs are considering turning their business into high-tech areas. There will be a gap in the Chinese clothing sector, and I think Bangladesh can fill this gap."

Bangladesh’s exports to China are growing at an annual rate of 80-90%. We expect to open up China’s future and increase our exports, said Haidim.

Haidum revealed: "In addition to China, Bangladesh's ready-made garment exporters have also opened up the Japanese market and the Russian market. For Bangladesh, both countries have potential markets, and we have obtained from the industrial sector in these countries. Good feedback: Last week, a 115-member Bangladesh delegation visited the Japanese Tokyo with the Commerce Minister. During this visit, the delegation received good feedback from the importers in Japan."


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