Printing company promises: independent innovation is not pirated

Editor's note: He Zhixiang, general manager of Shaoxing County Renxiang Transfer Printing Co., Ltd. and president of the county's transfer printing industry association, has recently signed an industry self-discipline integrity treaty with many other printing factory managers and promised to “innovate independently”. Not pirated." This means that the loopholes in my county's pattern copyright protection have finally been blocked this year.

Pattern infringement is an old tangled problem in China Textile City. Many infringements take place in the transfer printing process, which greatly dampens the enthusiasm of innovators. The signing of the industry self-discipline contract for “independent innovation and not piracy” by printing enterprises is a manifestation of business ethics, and it is also the hope and strength for the transformation, upgrading and development of Textile City.

He Zhixiang, general manager of Shaoxing County Renxiang Transfer Printing Co., Ltd. and president of the county's transfer printing industry association, recently signed an industry self-discipline and integrity contract with many other printing factory executives and promised “independent innovation is not pirated”. . This means that the loopholes in my county's pattern copyright protection have finally been blocked this year.

"Piracy" is an obstacle to "innovation." As China's largest textile specialty market, China Textile City is not only a weaving center and trade center for fabrics, but also an innovative fashion research and development center. In order to innovate in fabric design, it is necessary to abandon piracy, and if there is an idea of ​​piracy in mind, the pattern will be difficult to innovate. Both the fabric quality and the market grade will be difficult to improve, and the international textile creative center will also be difficult to form.

How to create a strong atmosphere of innovation? Our county has been committed to the exploration of copyright protection. More than three years ago, relevant departments such as the county administration for industry and commerce, the judiciary, etc. jointly established an intellectual property protection system for China Textile City to encourage copyright registration and protect creative innovation. Combat infringement and piracy.

“Of course it is correct to see a doctor when you are sick. However, if you have a doctor, if you lack prevention, the next time you will not be able to avoid illness, you will also have to pay a lot of money to see a doctor.” Zhang Chenxi, a member of the transfer printing industry association, told the reporter. After an analogy, it is pointed out that preventing diseases is more important than treating diseases. To control piracy from the source and guide innovation, the key is to launch every fabric company, do a good job of industry self-regulation, and independent innovation is not piracy.

The management of fabrics generally involves a series of R&D and production links such as designer pattern design, plate making and transfer printing, and then entering the market circulation. Transfer printing is to first print the dye color material on the transfer printing paper, then transfer the dye in the pattern to the textile by heat treatment during transfer printing, and fix the pattern to form a pattern, which is the source of the printing industry and serves as the link between the former and the later. The entire innovation industry chain is particularly critical. Before China Textile City, many infringements took place. The loopholes occurred in the process of transfer printing. The tricks flowed out of this link and entered circulation. It was discovered that the infringement had become a fact, even if the government cracked down on the infringers. It still hurt the innovators' enthusiasm for innovation.

At the end of last year, the transfer printing industry association was established in Shaoxing County, and 93 printing companies became the first members of the association. In order to standardize the market order, everyone formulated a self-discipline convention for the industry and promised to innovate without piracy.

The reporter learned that the self-discipline treaty proposed to strengthen self-discipline, independent innovation, take the initiative to carry out pattern copyright registration, and conducted a detailed stipulation on a series of activities such as pattern registration, copyright protection, infringement determination, and dispute mediation, and 93 members have all signed up for commitments. At present, more than 10 companies have taken the lead in copyright registration.

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