True and False Jade Consumers Difficult to Identify

According to Guangdong Consumer Network News, close to “3·15”, the jewellery appraisal experts from the Guangdong Jewellery Jade and Precious Metals Testing Center also went to the scene of the “3·15” International Consumer Rights Day on the Guangdong Province to provide free services for the majority of consumers. Kam Po, teaching jewelry appraisal experience.

According to the experts of the provincial quality supervision jewellery and precious metal products experience station, in recent years, more and more consumers like to buy jade jewelry collections, more consumers are willing to purchase jewellery and jade articles through gems of origin, but because of consumers Do not know how to identify, and frequently there is a consumer dispute that A goods have become defective. In this regard, the appraisal expert pointed out that the jewellery appraisal is more complex and difficult to master, and the average consumer is best to look for an appraisal certificate issued by a professional inspection agency when they purchase jade jewelry.

In addition, the experts also reminded consumers that the color of the jadeite that is dyed, digged, colored and filled is often concentrated in the crevices and gaps, and is easily observed in a light-transmitted dark field environment. Jade is generally coated with green transparent glial film on the outside of colorless jadeite jade. It is also called jadeite jade on the market. The color of the coated jadeite jade just finished is even and the surface is bright and clean. It is deceptive. However, after the enlargement, there is no feature of jadeite jade on the surface, showing a waxy luster, and sometimes the unbonded part between the film and jadeite can be seen. The coated jadeite jade gradually grows over time, and it is flaky and detached. The surface is scratched and dull. However, the means of counterfeiters are even more sophisticated. It is still not easy to distinguish the pros and cons of jade products simply by their naked eyes and experience.

Therefore, the purchase of jade jewelry commodities should be as good as possible, formal large shopping malls and jewelry franchise stores, which can effectively reduce the probability of consumer disputes. In addition, it is best to choose a local shopping mall and purchase more expensive jewels to facilitate rights protection. When trading, please remember to obtain the jewelry appraisal certificate issued by the authority and ask the merchant to issue an invoice, which can effectively improve the success rate of consumer disputes.

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