Jin Xi Tang women noble and elegant, traditional and romantic

With its elegant and elegant, traditional and romantic style, innovative ideas, unique style, refreshing, like blowing in the hot summer cool breeze, people feel relaxed and happy. To excellent quality, quickly won the consumer's welcome and sought after. Elegant, intelligent and mature urban women are friends of " Jin Xi Tang ".


"Jin Xi Tang" brand is based on oriental culture, combined with Western fashion elements designed clothing line, with its noble and elegant, traditional and romantic style unique, the whole is divided into four series, the Fashion series, China Clothing series, wedding series, children's clothing series.

锦玺唐女装 高贵而优雅,传统而浪漫

"Mastery" is the design concept of "Jin Xi Tang". In the balance between art and commerce, there are subtle needs and common ground to design apparel products with beauty and common sense. From the deduction of the present classical fashion to the love of traditional culture, "Jin Xi Tang" broke the boundaries of ancient and modern China and the West in a peculiar way and integrated the mysteries of beauty and balance into the thinking of his own design.

Taking the advantange of the non stick and heat resistance of PTFE, also the strength and dimensional stability of fiberglass,our Non Stick BBQ Liner & Mesh Mats help you to avoid to put the food on dirty, burnt and rusty BBQ grill or plate directly,helps to keep BBQ grill clean, saves hard work to wash. Most important,there is no need to put oil or grease on the liner any more, so allows customers to bbq in a much healthier lifestyle. Both sides are reusable for years, easy to clean in soapy water with a sponge, or kitchen paper.We also provide Non Stick BBQ Grill Mats and Non Stick BBQ Grill Tray.


The General Characteristics is:

  1. 100% non-stick
  2. Reusable
  3. Heat resistant up to 260°C (500°F)
  4. Quick and convenient
  5. Eco-friendly
  6. Can be cut to size with scissors to fit any bbq
  7. Easy to clean in soapy water with a sponge, or kitchen paper
  8. Dishwasher safe
  9. Complies with food regulations,was approved by FDA,LFGB etc.

Non Stick BBQ Grill Liner & Mesh Mats

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