Royal Baby 2013 spring and summer new investment order will be held soon

RoyalSonny Royal Baby 2013 Investment Conference will be held August 27 - 28 in the beautiful Xiamen grand opening. In addition, RoyalSonny Royal Baby 2013 Order Conference will be held August 30 -31, held in the beautiful place of Xiamen. By then, the Royal Baby will be released in spring and summer 2013 new products, and a number of incentives to join the policy announced. "RoyalSonny? Royal Baby" is the exclusive operation of Xiamen Quanli Baby Products Co., Ltd., a brand of mid-to-high end infant clothing products. In 1993, "RoyalSonny? Royal Baby" was born in the noble royal British baby-feeding culture, designed to carry on the British nobility for infants and young children with high-quality care and meticulous care. Company focused on 0 to 6-year-old infant growth essential breast-feeding milk, baby clothing, bedding sleeping bags, baby lathes and other apparel products R & D and production, the existing eight categories of products, covering all aspects of infant growth. In 2013, "RoyalSonny Royal Baby" is about to mark the twentieth anniversary of the brand. For two decades, Royal Baby has always had great love for Infants and young children, bringing more comprehensive and high-quality care and more elegant temperament training to hundreds of millions of Chinese children. Today, the Royal Baby ready to go, and China's baby products industry to progress together, to welcome the next decade. RoyalSonny Royal Baby won the honor of "CCTV China Annual Brand", "High-tech Enterprise", "Shou contract re-credit", "China Famous Brand", "Xiamen famous brand", "China Green brand" and many other honors .

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