Legendary cowboy slender legs unique "wear" out

Beauty is a woman's natural beauty, not only the pursuit of beauty, but also the pursuit of figure beauty, how to make the slender beautiful legs make up the proportion of full body charming figure sultry attitude, we must learn to "wear" clothing, legendary cowboy (wealth hotline: 400-685 -6799) Originally slender legs "wear" come out, beautiful version, Slim design highlights the beautiful legs, create a temptation curve, both to maintain the elegant attitude, but also highlight the beautiful legs. Legendary cowboy are using computer 3D simulation technology, each piece of plate will form 4,000 pieces of data and parameters, high-speed computer analysis, the final determination of the most reasonable board design parameters to ensure that every piece of legendary jeans wear after , The whole body personal comfort, there is no uncoordinated loose phenomenon, the perfect outline of the female hip and leg curves, full of masculinity, wild temperament, from the appearance of the degree of beauty to wear comfortable, are better, impeccable. In addition to the special plate type, the legendary jeans in the pants are more intimate design, the legendary jeans give the pants design gives more change and color, in addition to the classic straight-leg pants, from the pants, bell-bottoms to straight jeans, the legendary cowboy For the current fashion crowd with the latest popular models. In addition, each legendary cowboy through a unique leg curve design, so dress more personal, more slender legs to show the beauty of women's body lines and masculine masculinity, not only won the love of young men and women, some older people wear Legendary cowboy (URL: http://), also appears young and dynamic, so the legendary cowboy will never be popular. Trousers Slim, waist and hip position should be suitable for body type, for different consumers of the special Waist type, the legendary cowboy distinctive, in the waist hip design work hard for consumers with different waist features, unique 3D waist design concept , So that the cowboy wear more waist, fully demonstrated the beautiful curves of the human body. At the same time, but also through the effective visual difference, downplayed some of the problems of the thick waist of consumers, the lower body to create long-lasting effect for the wearer's beautiful points. For some of the larger female buttocks due to interference, the legendary cowboy narrow tail cut with special design techniques, with more flexible fabrics, color use, can be modified to a smaller buttocks, but also play the role of hip , So that the wearer is more slender tall, graceful, legendary cowboy slender legs, "wear" out. Wolf respect International Business Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Address: Beijing Malibu Road on the 19th Tea House Building 8th Wealth Hotline: 400 -685-6799 Tel: Official Website: http:// com

Microfiber kitchen Cleaning Towel:
1)      material: 80%polyester,20%polyamide or 100% polyester.
2)      Size :as customer's request
3)      Weight:1,400-2,000G/M2   
4)    Used for cleaning  kitchen products,household appliance.
5)    Idea products for kitchen cleaning;
6)    Excellent cleaning ability and durable;
7)    It could remove the wax without scratching;
8)  Clean kitchen without chemicals, lint free;
9)  Machine wash available;
10)  Soft,comfortable and of good water absorption

Coral Fleece Towel

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