Interpretation of ALT Men's 2013 Spring Showcase Design

Seven-second Marketing Law: When customers are observing a store or product while shopping, they can only stay focused for seven seconds. In this seven-second period, he may decide whether to be interested in the store or the product; this is the famous "seven-second marketing law." "How does the clothing brand capture the customer's eye through this short seven seconds? It is crucial to determine the store's store entry rate and purchase rate. How can this be achieved?" Needless to say, the window display is the best tool to achieve "seven seconds of marketing"!

The window is a window in which every brand conveys brand culture and ideas, product styles and trends, seasonal themes, and main products to consumers in terminal stores. It is an important part of VMD visual marketing, or simply VP (visual?presentation). Point (that is, the largest atmosphere display area of ​​the whole store, emphasizing brand style positioning and quarterly theme, is the first visual space to attract customers into the store), and is an indispensable and important part of the marketing strategy for today's apparel industry.

The design of the quarterly window is one of the important and important tasks for each brand every quarter. Here, I will share the essentials and content of the quarterly window design with the following three headlines: 1. Development time and process of quarterly windows Second, the planning and design of the quarterly window; Third, the implementation of the quarterly window.
First, quarterly window development time and process:
1, window display categories:
For clothing brands, the window display can be divided into three categories. The first category is: Seasonal Showcase, the second category: Holiday Showcase, and the third category: Promotional Showcase. Today, we mainly explain the techniques and display essentials of seasonal window display. Because the seasonal window is a category that is used by most apparel brands, but is also the most difficult to use.

Seasonal window of the main work and process:

From the above process, we can clearly understand that the window display can be divided into two major stages, namely, the development stage and the later implementation stage of the front window. Of course, such a standard operation can be supported by a company with the following three conditions:
First, better product planning, including clear topics and content, complete product structure and listing plan;
Second, a more complete display team, including creative personnel and training personnel and executive management personnel;
Third: a more complete display system, including display teams at headquarters and branch offices, display management systems, and well-conceived work plans, and sufficient time for implementation as planned.
Of course, there are not many companies that can meet the above three conditions in the country, but I believe that no company does not want to have these three conditions. We hope that domestic brands will grow and regulate as soon as possible, and can give domestic display and creativity. Talent is a free and continuous learning platform.

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