Beibei Yiyi 2013 spring and summer children's wear fashion show

2012 has been over most of the time, as China's children's wear city, Wenzhou brand children's clothing are now busy with the spring and summer of 2013 released the spring and summer children's wear trends, then, spring and summer 2013 children's clothing trends in turn what is it? August 22, the famous children's clothing Beibei Yiyi 2013 brand new spring and summer conference in Wenzhou East Ou Hotel kicked off. Through the activities of Beibei Yiyi, let us feel the scent of spring and summer smell, and "return to nature" "green" is still the spring and summer 2013 popular theme of children's wear. Spring 2013 is a vibrant, interwoven with the fantasy and reality of the season, with the current international apparel "life is life," the simple idea of ​​the popular, the Beibei Yi 2013 spring and summer new products to respect for nature, comfortable living as a whole Design ideas, the introduction of cute cartoon, blog, marine style, zebra pattern, sweet lace, romantic lace and other popular elements. Taking the marine wind as an example, marine elements such as light blue, ripples, corals and scallops are frequently unveiled at this year's International Fashion Fair. Many stars have become the focus of the flash with a simple and elegant marine style dress. The Beibei Yiyi introduced marine series, to convey the concept of natural life, environmentally friendly products. This is also consistent with the international trend of returning children's clothing to nature this season. From the color point of view, this launch of the new series of bright green, sea blue, red and other bright colors, highlighting the distinct personality and life of children at this age tension. Girl series is a large number of popular pink this year, coupled with full of casual style folds, lace, the perfect interpretation of the sweet girl, and zebra patterns, twill and varied lace and create a volatile style of Variety . According to Beibei Yi Shanghai Design Center, senior designer introduced the concept of environmental protection is still the spring and summer 2013, the mainstream trend of children's wear fabrics, whether heavy or thin section of fabric, are more emphasis on touch. Beibei Yi by the spring and summer 2013 new products in keeping with the international fashion trend at the same time, with a moisture-wicking fast-drying, deodorant antibacterial, wearing comfortable, wear-resistant anti-tear pull super functional functional fabrics. The greatest feature of the fabric is that it gives a very cool feeling when in contact with the skin, making it ideal for sports apparel and summer apparel, and is more suitable for summer wear. It is understood that Zhejiang Beibei Yiyi apparel company is a well-known children's clothing company from Wenzhou. After years of down-to-earth operations, its marketing network has now radiated 25 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China and set up more than 400 specialty stores (counters) in nearly 100 cities. At the same time also won the national advanced collective textile industry, national first-class products, China's best-selling children's wear brand, China's green apparel and other honors, is the city's brand children's wear one of the outstanding representatives.

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