Seven wolves strategic upgrade "character men's clothing," "four kings" to join the endorsement

Recently, many passengers coming and going to major cities such as Beijing, Guangzhou and Changsha found that Feng Shao Feng, Li Chen, Honglei and Zhang Hangyu appeared on the latest advertisements of the Septwolves and became the spokespersons of "Septwolves' Menswear." According to the chief executive of Septwolves, in August 2012, the Septwolves brand strategy was upgraded to "character men's wear" and hoped to convey the brand connotation of the "Septwolves" that "men have more than one style of character" through the character and interpretation of celebrity endorsers. Perseverance, Honglei's attitude towards responsibility, Feng Shaofeng's elegance, Li Chen's fighting spirit, respectively, demonstrated the core qualities of men of seven wolves character. It is understood that, in addition to the new spokesmen to join, from August 1 onwards, the Septwolves will be at the airports in 18 major cities in the country advertising, to promote "character men's clothing." Such a generous input, but also shows the Septwolves brand upgrade to "character men" in the cultural transmission and marketing of determination and courage.

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