Blooming with summer, only the lace will lead T lace show a romantic summer

Gorgeous summer flowers, open the warm gorgeous. Its attitude it's fragrant, people can not refuse. Accidentally, he was deeply stuck, intoxicated in the flowers of the ocean. Soft lace, but also as the summer flowers quietly bloom in the summer of this colorful and romantic season, the fishes, stitching, soft texture, let the skin feel aerobic respiration, bringing a refreshing summer experience.


Batik clothing brand women to the French woman's sophistication and elegance for the design line, adhere to the advanced and gorgeous, for many women has brought a broader space for fashion choices. The new 2014 summer, the flagship lace as summer flowers like a strong attack. Unique generous style, exquisite fabrics, sexy black, loose sweet speaker sleeve, vaguely see the white complexion, is very charming.


White long-sleeved lace dress is like a blooming honeysuckle. Perspective of the fabric, comfortable and fresh. White lace flowers embellishment, sexy and charming. Stitched layers of stitching design, t stage modeling like an angel, sweet and pure. Goddess paragraph lace skirt, you deserve.


That blooming lace flowers, people can not move away from sight. Thin lace corset, lining significant white complexion. v collar design, a little sexy, big eye-catching. Outline waist, thin perfect. A word playful light, play romantic summer movement.

Picture from: Batik clothes are women

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