“It’s a good habit to sleep on a hard mattress with a hard bed”?

Experts caution that the hardness of the bed varies from person to person. In particular, infants and young children who are in the growth stage, such as sleeping on a hard mattress, may cause skeletal dysplasia and even leave a hidden danger of "spine scoliosis." A comfortable mattress not only supports your body, but also allows you to move freely on it. On the contrary, sleeping on a hard cushion, your movement is not supported, but makes sleep a physical labor. . Studies have shown that when sleeping on a hard mat, the blood circulation of the person's back is interrupted and distorted, so the quality of the entire sleep is degraded.

When you wake up, you feel stiff, irritated and irritable, and all parts of your body are painful from time to time. Of course, a mattress that is too soft is not good for health. When a person lie down, the whole body is sunken in the mattress, and the spine is bent for a long time, and it is also uncomfortable.