Towel home textiles can filter kitchen carbon monoxide

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1. We use gas or liquefied petroleum gas at home to boil water and cook. If you have a soaked towel, keep it on the side. If the gas pipe or liquefied petroleum gas nozzle leaks, catch it with a wet towel. By quickly closing the valve, you can avoid a possible fire.

Second, the chef often puts a wet towel around when cooking. If the oil pan is on fire, it can be quickly placed on it and the fire will be extinguished immediately.

Third, in a specific case, a wet towel topped with a gas mask. The secret lies in the smoke removal effect of the towel. Practice has proved that when taking refuge in the smoke of a fire, use a towel to cover the mouth and nostrils, and quickly rush out of the fire to get self-help. Some people have done experiments. The more folds the towel has, the better the smoke removal effect. The smoke removal rate of the folded 8 layers is about 60%. For towels with different humidity, the smoke removal rate is also different. The larger the water content, the greater the smoke removal rate. When the water content reaches 3.3 times that of the towel, the human endurance time is about 1 minute and 20 seconds.

The test also showed that the same eight-layer towel was folded, the dry towel could filter out 10% to 30% of carbon monoxide, and the wet towel could filter out 10% to 40% of carbon monoxide.

Viscose is a man-made fiber as silk quality, it made from cellulose,which is oranic compounds the main part of plant. Because it is a type of cellulose fiber, viscose has same performance as cotton and linen finer.

Viscose has bright color, cool and rough hand feel. it is fit for dress,sportswear,and fashion garment. Viscose fabric has good strength and wear-resisting, can be washing washing or dry cleaning, it also has good Anti-Static Electricity and Anti-Pilling.

As the most similar effect as silk, Viscose has smooth touch and beautiful outlook as silk,but has cheaper price. Many brand use it in their fashion design as Versace. We can deal different type Viscose fabric, such as brightness, Dumb light effect, can make plain jersey effect, or knit with spandex, or pique viscose fabric.

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