"Water Babe" won the title of "China's Top Ten Children's Wear Brands"

2010CHIC has just come to an end. "Shui Haier" children's wear was presented in the form of a Beijing fashion capital pavilion at this exhibition. The beautiful patterns and bright colors matched with the perfect work of "Water Babe" consistently revealed a sense of refinement. , with white decoration looks simple and bright, stylish atmosphere. As an exhibitor who participated in the CHIC exhibition for many years in a row, “Water Babe” has attracted many professional visitors to stop asking. The five children's wear shows during the exhibition have attracted the attention of the association leaders and mall managers. At the E4 Children's Wear, Garfield's New Zealand Kids' dress brand "Pumpkin Patch" was presented for the first time at the New International Exhibition. The European style and one-stop shopping have left a deep impression on the Chinese audience.



It is also worth mentioning that "Shui Haier" won the title of "China's Top Ten Children's Wear Brands" in 2010. At the award ceremony on the 30th, "Water Babe" showed several sets of Chinese-style children's wear. As "China's top ten children's wear brands", "Shui Haier" has been adhering to the development of Chinese-style children's wear for many years, insisting on a foothold in the local market and creating a national fashion. The brand sales network covers hundreds of key cities across the country. According to statistics from the China Business Federation and the China Business Information Center, the market share and sales of the “Hai Hai Er” brand national children’s wear market are among the best in many consecutive years. "Shui Haier" is China's original children's wear brand. It will surely grasp the historical opportunities, keep in mind the historical responsibility, and spare no effort and contribution to the Chinese people's clothing brand and the dissemination of the national costume culture.

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