Lace's postmodern fashion sense

Leading Words : The characteristics of soft touch, sculpted and hollowed out... These charms of lace have created countless pleasing sights on the fashion T stage, and also created a sensational 'Lace Style'.











The characteristics of soft touch, hollow and engraved patterns are all present... These charms of lace have created countless pleasing sights on the fashion T stage, and also created a sensational “lace power”. Or gorgeous and pure, or noble sexy, lace is no longer a simple clothing decoration, but has its own new inspiration and charm of clothing.

Lace, which has always been regarded as an elegant retro, walked up a small sexy line in the spring and summer of this year. The hollow sexy and looming temptation were not to be underestimated in the whole season. Christian Dior is using a lace full of fire, a retro style lace bras with petticoat skirts is Dior this season dedicated to the game, and it reveals the small sexy but also let lace have another charm.

Memories are still fresh, as well as CHANEL2010 spring and summer show full of pastoral atmosphere, black and white lace tube top dress skirt, lace dress full of flying ... designer Karl Lagerfeld combines all the trends of the season, tender Beige, pure milky, never-gone black ash; seemingly rough woven fabrics, proper transparency of the skirts, and indispensable lace - with imperial hegemonic airbags containing all the popular elements.

Lace's new wave of new inspiration is the post-modern fashion sense. French lace and silk jumpsuits are combined, and it is very modern and stylish after being changed. Designers apply these elements to summer shorts, sportswear, and thin, soft chiffon skirts. The original lace also has this modern feel. Dolce & Gabbana's spring and summer women's show is full of fans of this new inspiration. Perspective lace, hollow lace and lace silk satin and other pictures are played one after another. The pioneer of this lace trend will put retro lace back on the fashion T stage. Demonstrate a new feeling.

Lace blending classic elegance styles and techniques can be infinitely varied, while black lace, the most common detail in the haute couture design, is renewed in a new attitude in the upcoming fall and winter trends. Valentino is the new inspiration Witnesses. Valentino's newest lace series is actually combined with nylon and PVC, and the soft, ultra-light and luxurious design is also water-resistant, which is indeed a surprise for the "lace control".


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