Teach you how to choose a software bed

Although the soft bed has many advantages, there are many varieties to be purchased. Don't just pay attention to its gentle appearance and ignore the inner quality.

At present, the soft beds in the furniture market are roughly distributed in the art bed, leather bed and leather cloth combination bed. The headboard and bed frame of the noble temperament leather bed are made of leather, and the color is mainly white, red, purple and brown; The colorful fabric bed is made of a variety of good-looking cotton or silk, which looks very warm. The soft bed combined with leather cloth combines fabric and leather art to decorate the bed and bed surface. Have to say.

In terms of styling, the soft bed breaks the traditional rectangular bed frame and dominates the world. It has a circular bed with a diameter of about two meters and a rectangular bed of a general size. Some of the pillows on the bed of the soft bed can also adjust the height, not only make people sleep more comfortable, but also turn a few pages under the lamp before going to bed, or look at the TV on the soft bedside, the gentle feeling will come soon.

Don't be tempted by the gentle surface. Although the soft bed has many advantages, it has a lot of knowledge to buy. Don't just pay attention to its gentle appearance and ignore the inner quality.

When purchasing a soft bed to check the comfort, it depends on whether the bed frame is strong or not. The material used in the main body is environmentally friendly and durable. The materials used in the bottom box and the bed are the same. The brand has a shoddy brand on the market. It looks like some international and domestic brands are similar, and the price is lower. In essence, it is made of high quality and high density solid wood particle board with inferior plywood, particleboard and other garbage materials, so some consumers will find it shortly after purchase. When the bed is loose, the bed and bed will fall off a lot of wood under the inadvertent bump, and there will be a phenomenon that the bed collapses.

But it's okay to teach you a few simple ways to tell if a software bed is good or not:

1, to see the bed weight of the bed and the thickness and weight of the bottom box, because the thicker the bed and the bottom box, it proves that the density of the material inside the board is greater, consumers only need to gently lift the bed corner Can be known and compared. If you can, try to check the weight of the bottom box, because the bottom box is our storage space, sometimes we may be stepped on by placing items or cleaning up, so the load bearing is also very important! !

2, brand label: If the bed results have obvious brand logos everywhere, then this bed must be born, because "elimination of the law" has a clear legal label for the brand label, so some small brands because The quality can't reach the national standard level, and it also reduces the unnecessary troubles after the sale. It will not easily put the brand label on the bed easily.

3. Whether there is a load-bearing steel frame in the accessories of the bed: If the number and quality of the accessories used on the bed, the pressure bar is up to the national standard, there are different types of kg. Whether there is a wire thread in the small screw hole of the bed body to enhance the nail holding force of the bed body, which is beneficial to the repeated disassembly and assembly of the consumer during use and the stability of the bed body.

4. Finally, we must pay attention to the texture and workmanship of the bed cover and bedding, because the quality of the bed is often reflected in the details. Because the color of the soft bed is more flexible, it is best to choose other bedroom furniture and then match the soft bed. Whether it is the color of the soft bed or the color of the bedding, it must be coordinated with the decoration and furniture color in the bedroom. The choice of soft bed should not only consider comfort, but also whether the bed frame is strong. Although the bed frames of most soft beds are assembled, only the bedroom with an area of ​​15 square meters or more can be placed in a round bed. Otherwise, Only rectangular soft beds of normal size can be selected.

In addition, the sales method is very flexible, each accessory has a separate pricing, you can buy the bed frame, mattress and bedding together, or just choose the bed frame, match the mattress and bedding, but talk about the price. Before, be sure to find out whether the price is the whole price or the price of the bed frame. However, the larger brands will be priced separately for the products, which will enable consumers to better understand each consumer content, but also have a combination of sales flexibility and humanity.

For many consumers who are worried about soft beds, the soft bed is difficult to care for and difficult to clean. The coat of the fabric bed can be dismantled freely, but it is best to dry clean. If necessary, you can spend a few hundred dollars on your own fabric. Prepare a jacket for the bed or use the professional cleaning solution recommended by the manufacturer. In addition, the leather bed jacket can not be dismantled at will, and it is only necessary to wipe with a rag on the rag and a general weak alkaline detergent.

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