What is the higher level of brand marketing?

Marx said that communism is a higher stage of human society development, so what is the higher level of brand marketing? This article may bring you some useful inspiration.

As we all know, the brand is the brand of the operator (subject) and the consumer (audience), and it is the psychological product of their interaction. It is not realized by the operator (subject) alone, and it is even more impossible for the trademark holder to be alone. Design and production, the result can only be trademarks rather than brands. The growth of brands requires the wide participation of consumers (audience), positive interaction, and the realization of emotional identity and attribution. At the same time, from the perspective of the development of social division of labor, marketing activities are a huge systematic project. They cannot rely solely on trademark holders to complete them alone. Instead, they need an integrated marketing team to implement them. The approval and support of distributors, buyers and users. Therefore, in order to grow the brand quickly, it is necessary to create a shared brand marketing, so that all parties can obtain their own reasonable income from brand marketing, so that everyone can enjoy the “sweetness”, profitable, and enjoy the brand. The value of the brand has become a stakeholder in the interests of the brand, then everyone will be very willing to actively participate in it, brand a good mark in the mind, continue to support the brand building, and jointly promote the rapid growth of the brand.

The realization of shared brand marketing has extraordinary significance, usually embodied in the following four aspects:

First, the greater power to share the various participants to become stakeholders, no longer do not care about themselves, hang high, from the past brand owners alone to transform into a stakeholder, The thrust of marketing is consistent with the direction of tension of demand. According to the principle of mechanical synthesis, the ultimate strength is naturally larger.

Second, the efficiency is greater Because the interests of the past have not changed from the past to the current concern, so that passive marketing is transformed into active marketing, stakeholders can be more active in the work, natural labor is more efficient and more efficient. Especially after the consumers who are indifferent to the brand become the brand stakeholders, the investigation, research and development and marketing work are no longer inevitable, and the efficiency is naturally incomparable.

Third, the risk is reduced by the stakeholders to bear the market risk, the risk of each is naturally small, especially the active participation of consumers, the marketable product development is easier to achieve, and the interests of all are relatively consistent It is easy to twist into a rope, and the internal friction risk factor is also greatly reduced.

4. The cost is reduced. At each marketing node, the payment from the original brand holder is changed to the self-paying by the various stakeholders. From the past, the brand operator alone controls the cost and the individual stakeholders control the expenses. , thereby enabling all stakeholders to obtain more and more reasonable benefits.

In summary, the greater the strength and efficiency and the smaller the risk and cost, can naturally create value and achieve greater benefits, thus achieving rapid growth of the brand. This is the magic of sharing. To achieve the principle of sharing, we must adhere to the following four principles: first, the identification of interests, the second is the resonance of ideas, the third is to participate in interaction, and the fourth is mutual benefit and win-win.

In this era of fierce competition, if the operators still look at marketing with the backward thinking of the past, and think that the buyer is "knife under the knife" and always try to "slaughter" the guest, then it will be abandoned by the market. Because it is extremely short-sighted behavior, it is killing chickens and taking eggs; even the concept of "customer is God" that adheres to Western traditions is far from keeping up with the times; smart operators must use a new concept of excellence - - The customer is a lover - can be called in the sea of ​​business, forever.

Therefore, brand leaders need to have the wisdom and action charm of politicians, implement the concept of “customer is lover”, create shared brand marketing, and let all brand participants, including trademark holders, senior leaders, and company employees. Suppliers, distributors, buyers, users and all audiences can obtain their own reasonable income from brand marketing, share brand achievements, achieve win-win results, and form a benign interaction, which will enable the brand to grow rapidly. Here, we must understand the sharing of brand marketing, on this basis, comprehensively implement and implement the four principles of creating value, providing convenience, building a platform, and giving back to users. Only in this way can we promote the rapid growth of the brand with half the effort. The reason why many brands in reality can be accelerated is that it has the characteristics of sharing, especially those fast-paced Internet brands such as FACEBOOK, MSN, TWITTER, YOUTUBE and so on.

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