Ma Yanli “Electric Shock” and “Marriage Defending Battle”: MARYMA Provides Clothing

It is understood that the shooting of the "Marriage Defending Battle" pre-publicity posters was provided by the Ma Yanli Haute Couture Center. In the play, some actor costumes were also provided for the play. Ma Yanli said: "As a fashion designer, I am concerned about fashion, but also concerned about the progress of domestic fashion dramas. I am very happy to further enhance the proportion and importance of fashion in China's film and television dramas through the professional advantages of MARYMA brand and improve the domestic fashion drama. The overall level of modeling hopes that the domestic film and television dramas will provide spiritual food while enjoying the visual enjoyment of the audience and guide and enhance the aesthetic taste of the public.The fashion trend is expected to no longer be the American drama, Korean drama, but China. movies."

“Marriage Defence Battle” promotional video apparel provided by Ma Yanli brand

“Marriage Defence Battle” promotional video apparel provided by Ma Yanli brand

Recently, the domestic outstanding star designer Ma Yanli, the famous director Guo Degang, and the actor Ren Zhong were invited to attend the “Tonight Show” program hosted by Guo Degang. This is the first round of the five TV programs to be held in Beijing, Zhejiang, Tianjin, Yunnan, and Shenzhen in mid-August. The broadcast of the drama "Marriage Defence" was broadcast in the early stage. Zhao Dao broke the news on the program.

Outstanding star designer Ma Yanli

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