Small vendor marketing also contains big philosophy

Marketing is complex and complicated, and simple and simple. Complicated, exhausted all kinds of theories of ancient and modern China and foreign countries, supplemented by sea, land and air media propaganda bombers; simple, with a sentence "Jia Junpeng, your mother called you to go home to eat" quickly became popular, and then popular in the north and south of the country. The goodness of the book reflects the change of marketing, just like our life.

But the complexity is also good, simple or not. For the marketer, all marketing behaviors should always abide by the unchanging principle of honesty and trustworthiness.

A few days ago, the author wandered around in a small market and wanted to buy a few pairs of pure cotton socks. After several small vendors, it was not how to sell the socks. How to wear them, it is to say that the socks they sell are comfortable and cool. But when the author proposed to buy a pair of pure cotton socks but worried that the pure cotton socks were easy to be worn out, several sellers all claimed that their socks would never have such problems. The firmness of the tone and the consistency of the caliber were shocking.

Later, when the author asked the same question to a young man's stall, the man replied very sincerely: "As far as my personal experience is concerned, all such thin cotton socks are indeed easier to wear, no Hey, you said that I crossed the couple and it was easy to wear at the thumb." I was close to my heart, because I was faced with such a problem. "But to be honest, in the hot weather, wearing such a cotton socks to breathe and absorb sweat, so it is more comfortable." He said that I agree with the later addition: "I have a solution to this problem, my solution is more There are several pairs of socks of the same color. If there is any wear, you can wear them together to improve the use of socks and avoid waste." At this point, I have to be impressed by this middle-aged man. Undoubtedly, I picked his socks and picked three pairs of the same color!

From the perspective of marketing, I chose the latter one first because he positively affirmed the customer's experience, and verified with his actual personal experience, quickly narrowed the psychological distance from the customer; secondly, while affirming the user experience That is to admit the shortcomings of its own products while highlighting the advantages of its own products, that is, "breathable, cool feet", so that customers feel real and generate further trust; later, he gives the customer solution, that is, spare a few pairs of the same color In order to prevent damage, the socks not only improve the efficiency of the products, but also invisibly increase the sales profit of their products. It can be said that this whole process is perfect, but all based on one point, namely: integrity. Imagine if a middle-aged man, like other businesses, denies the customer's words and insists that his socks will not have quality problems, then he will certainly not sell three pairs of socks to the author.

At this point, the author can not help but think of the marketing situation of commercial housing in real life. Whether it is a newly developed real estate developer or an agent of second-hand real estate agents, the advertisements are deliberately exaggerated, and the marketing behaviors that describe the inconsistency with reality, etc., often occur in our reality. For example, a newly developed real estate advertisement “only three minutes away from the subway” may take 30 minutes in practice; in the “large hydrophilic community”, there is only a small stream of water, and it often disappears randomly after the sale of the property, or even Some adjacent to a stinking ditch also used to make a fuss; "near the business CBD central area" in fact, I do not know that the city's 20XX year vision plan has become a close-up plan. Such advertising marketing techniques are not uncommon, people have been eccentric, or even as a kind of joke.

The same is true for some intermediary agencies. For example, when the phone asks the customer to look at the house, the house is told to be finely decorated. The rear is known as the fine decoration more than ten years ago. Before the telephone call, the two houses are transparent to the north and south. N households, and transparency is just a luxury; in addition to earning the difference, eating rebates, arbitrarily delaying customer time, etc., so that the customer experience is constantly reduced, so I am afraid to hide behind the media. Perhaps the only reason for this is that it is caused by the dishonesty of the customer's marketing behavior.

Although the socks are small, the marketing concept of the merchants' hospitality is reassuring and comfortable. Although the house is worth a lot of money, the unscrupulous marketing behaviors and techniques make people feel unscrupulous and humble. The marketing philosophy in the world deserves our serious consideration.

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