“Van Nian Tianhui” This autumn new product release and decisive victory seminar will be grandly opened on May 10th

Brand Style:
The overall style of fashion, simplicity, exquisite, both interpretation and European classic noble romantic elegance elegant temperament, elegant and luxurious quality and blend the eastern subtle self-confidence connotation highlights the spirit of the concept of dress with.
Style positioning:
1, advocating collocation-oriented fashion style;
2, elegant and elegant professional style;
3. Business style of travel commuting;
4, guide the lifestyle of the weekend leisure life.
5, to participate in various patty banquet luxury evening dress brand positioning:
Target consumer groups positioning; Not satisfied with the popularity of the brand and not satisfied with the single fashion brand category, longing for a more rich and changeable and individualized dress and match, and a certain grade of women.
Age positioning; 20-45 years old as the target age group (core age 25-35 years old)

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