Good bed to enjoy your healthy life

Healthy sleep starts with a mattress

"Spring sleepy autumn is lacking in summer, and winter is not awake." Sleep is the body's "charger". Sleep is the best "tonic". For women, sleep time is "beauty time." To have a sweet life, you have to start with an uninterrupted sleep. Choose a good humanized mattress and sleep for a whole life.

In the century of Jinhua Mercure living, the most attractive mattress is the world-renowned top mattress brand Simmons. Since its birth in 1870, it has written many beautiful legends. The Chinese mattress industry is also famous for its Simmons. It is said that the first person to use Simmons in China is the Empress Dowager Cixi. It is said that when Cixi fled west, he still carried a Simmons mattress, which shows his attachment to this mattress. From 2007, Simmons brand entered Xi'an, because it is the world's top brand, the goods are imported from the United States, Japan, Canada, the use of materials are top-level products, designed by the international bedding design master, beautiful and modern Luxury, without partitioning, can play the role of mutual interference.

Another mattress represents a healthy sleep concept. Bastion mattresses are made of high-tech material memory adhesive. When the human body comes into contact, it will respond to body temperature and weight to suit the human body. The mattress will become softer and more suitable for falling asleep. The body's body curve, which allows the sleeper to create a very correct sleeping position, even in the hard-to-support areas of the lumbar spine, knee joints and ankles.

Happy life comes from good bedding

Sleep should be healthy, but also happy, so that you have a taste of life. Happy sleep, good bed products are of course indispensable. When people no longer use bedding as durable goods, but according to the environment and mood to match, to meet their needs at the emotional, psychological and other levels, bedding is undoubtedly a brush for a happy life.

In the century Jinhua Mercure living, there are many good bedding products. One of the brands, Shark Home Textiles, emphasizes the harmony and intimacy of home textiles and family life in the design, and strives to create a family atmosphere of happiness, warmth and taste. Its ultra-pure silk quilt is an exquisite product. The filling is made of 100% pure natural mulberry silk. The silk is fine and soft, with excellent characteristics of breathability and moisture wicking. Another bamboo charcoal is fresh and has natural health benefits. It can absorb harmful substances, has far-infrared function, promotes blood circulation, and maintains health care.

In the special bedding products, Fu Anna brand a cashmere quilt, using the best white goose down as the inner core, the material is more delicate and soft. FRETTE is a new four-piece bed set with the finest Egyptian long-staple cotton. It is said that this kind of cotton is the best in the world. It is unique in design and chooses the corner of life to interpret the theme, which can read the content of happy life.

Another brand of MINI classics is exquisite, and the oversized design number is especially suitable for those who pursue quality life.

Refreshing feeling on the headrest

A high-quality sleep, minus the fatigue of the day, gives people a feeling of energy and refreshment. Therefore, many people think that perfect sleep is inseparable from good pillows, and good pillows give people a refreshing feeling. So, what pillow is a good pillow.

In the century Jinhua Mercure living home, there is a cassia pillow, made with a slightly cold, slightly scented cassia seed, sleeping on the sleeping smell, like sleeping in the grass. Moreover, it has a supporting effect on headache, dizziness, insomnia, cerebral arteriosclerosis and cervical spondylosis caused by liver yang sputum, especially in line with the basic physiotherapy theory of Chinese medicine "cool head hot feet".

A delicate latex pillow from the Rocca brand, using natural latex. Latex has good elasticity, is not easy to deform, and has strong supporting force. It is said that latex can change the shape of the head for children whose bones are developing, and there are no allergens such as dust and fiber that cause respiratory allergies. Some latex pillows also have the effect of massaging and promoting blood circulation. Moreover, the smell of natural gas can drive away mosquitoes and give people a fresh breath. Sleeping on the pillow, refreshing.

Best Buy's memory pillow, a variety of memory features of health care pillows. A Sheng Shi Nianhua pillow, designed to lean forward on both sides, allows the upper spine of the sleeper to get ideal support in the case of supine or sideways. Sleeping on such a pillow can prevent health.

Lace Closure

Our lace Closure is Swiss lace closure, size is 4x4 inch. The lace is high quality and soft, not rough.The hair on the closure is 100% virgin human hair, unprocessed.

We have 1b color and 613 color of it , the 1b color hair on the closure can be colored and bleached. The color of the lace is closed to the skin of black women.

We have free part, middle part and three way part of it. Each piece is about 30g, 3 bundles with it can full a head.

Lace Closure

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