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In recent years, Wen Fang supplies frequently hit a high price in the auction market. A Qing Qianlong "imitation jade rabbit toward the Lantern Festival" was sold at a price of 1.033325 million yuan, and a song "Duan Shiyi" was sold at a price of 511,500 yuan. However, the reporter learned from the Tibetan city of Wuhan that the Duanwu collection in Wuhan has not yet become a climate.

Li Xianfeng, a senior collector in Wuhan, told reporters that ten years ago, the auction price of the ancient plutonium on the auction market was around 100,000, and the price in the past two years suddenly skyrocketed to 500,000 and 1 million. The latest record is 14 million yuan. Although Fujian and Taiwan's collections performed very well in the auction market in other places and across the country, Wuhan has not yet formed a climate. At present, celebrities on the market in Wuhan are basically fakes, even if they appear by chance, the quality is not high.

Reporters visited and found that Wuhan has not specifically collected antique shops in Fujian and Taiwan, the market price in the sale of more than 2000 to 5,000 yuan. According to industry sources, Fujian and Taiwan are miscellaneous collections, and they are also partial collections. It is not a big climate right now.

Li Xianfeng believes that the price of a few thousand dollars in exchange between Fujian and Taiwan is mostly modern arts and crafts, or high imitation goods, and there is basically no collection value, and it is difficult to appreciate. If the platform was collected by a certain contemporary celebrity and left a handwriting, it would be of collectable value.

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