"Uni can be" brand women to create simple, noble, healthy fashion new life

" Younike " women's brand adhering to the European "fashion, atmosphere, classics," but also into the East, "subtle, elegant." The 25-38 year-old urban fashion, intellectual white-collar new women as the central target consumer groups.


Designers focus on human design, with "noble, refined, simple" design style as the keynote, make full use of "simple and smooth lines, natural and simple materials, fresh and elegant colors," and implement a variety of small quantities of high-cost products Positioning strategy to design simple and classic, free and comfortable clothing.


The company's existing large-scale shopping malls more than 10 stores, is the hot agents nationwide agents, in the next few years, the company will focus on investing solidly in major cities in China to establish a sound sales network and customer service agencies for different Join agents to open up the market to provide timely service carriers, and customers for a total profit, a virtuous circle of growth, and consumers to create simple, noble, healthy fashion new life!

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