SKAP (St gamma step) casual shoes: flowing fashion elves sports blood

A pair of good shoes, not only has a sensory visual impact, more importantly, the functionality and comfort of the footwear itself gives an extraordinary experience. Recently, SKAP series of fashion elves flowing sports blood products - City Jogger series shoes shine release, adhering to the brand of low luxury and elegant habit of this series of spring and summer new urban leisure and sports style of both clever Together. This series of shoes for daily life and urban jogging, light weight from the EPR + rubber film, outsole and heel before the outsole plus balance wings to improve the balance of the movement is not easy to be sprain; single-layer mesh Cloth and matte leather combination of this series of shoes has a good breathability, keep the shoes inside during exercise dry and cool. Spring and summer season is the appropriate season for sports, bid farewell to intense work, proper exercise is a good way to relieve stress. The elite white-collar workers in urban life are more respect for the natural way of life, the pursuit of high-quality modern life, sports and work well coordinated, and this is the theme of this series of running shoes - walking in the city and sports life , Enjoy that a cozy and comfortable. SKAP casual shoes like shoes SUV, natural shuttle in the city and outdoor. Will be a combination of many features, but also natural, healthy, stylish, classic brand concept for a perfect interpretation. It is like a fashion elven running through the blood of the sport, showing more details in plain life and seeking a balance between nature and modernity, forming its own unique style.

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