Lisca underwear in the high-end women bloom confident, showing a beautiful posture

In recent years, the fashion industry blowing an implicit beauty of style, international Lingerie brand Lisca season theme is to allow women to show their confidence between gestures, showing a beautiful posture. And will be held May 21 to 23, the 6th Shenzhen International Underwear Exhibition landed in China. At this lingerie show, Lisca focuses on the luxury texture and exquisite details to fully interpret the elegant female connotation. Industry veteran who believes that such a position will certainly win the pursuit of quality of life of high-end women of all ages.


Lisca was born in the eighteenth century "Central Europe's Emerald Slovenia", adjacent to Austria, France, Italy and other countries, where a variety of cultures meet, the romantic Mediterranean climate, creating an elegant "blood", pure "soul" Products are filled with a unique and supple noble qualities. As night falls, lingerie is the last woman faded China Sang, fit the body contour, fashion charming shape, avant-garde design, are emitting an ultimate charm, highlighting the unique password for each woman. One of the colorful classic series, such as the beauty of the pearl heart agitated straight to the bottom of the soft; exquisite ultimate natural natural materials, people involuntarily look for elegant quiet. There are sports series, shaping series, to meet the diverse needs of women.

With these advantages, Lisca swept the world more than 50 countries, and now to China, including Lisca, including a number of high-end underwear, Swimwear, pajamas three series of more than a thousand products, and for 13 to 25 years old youth Women's tailor-made sub-brand cheek, all aspects of Oriental women to meet the beautiful and confident infinite vision. In the ordinary interpretation of the classic, in the subtle refraction of light. Lisca spent half a century of wisdom, excellent quality, unique design process, hoping to help women find and release the real self, rather than a simple underwear.

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