Jianchuan Carpenter Woodcarving Artifice World

Jianchuan Carpenter Woodcarving Artifice World

The Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture in western Yunnan Province is a very rich and beautiful place. It used to be famous for its ancient Dali stone and it has long been famous. In the movie “Five Gold Flowers”, it shows the graceful natural landscape and simple style and makes people long for it. The Bai people who have lived here from generation to generation are diligent, brave, and intelligent. They have a long history and are well-developed. "Jinhua" is the hometown of the Bai youth A Peng. Jianchuan County, a native of the Autonomous Prefecture, is famous for its wood carving craftsmanship. Most of the people here are able to engage in wood carving techniques, thus winning the reputation of the hometown of wood carving. The number of carpenters who are carpenters here is the highest in Yunnan. In the area along the west of Yunnan, there are “Lijiang Heqing wines, Jianchuan carpenters are everywhere”, which is enough to illustrate this fact.

Jianchuan wood carving has rich artistic imagination and rich style. It has fine workmanship, good shape and beautiful appearance. It collects the essence of all kinds of wood carvings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It reproduces the outstanding wood carving art and is a wonderful work in carving art.

In Jianchuan woodcarving, there are practical and beautiful, exquisite carved doors and windows; exquisite furniture of ancient and elegant style, exquisite handicrafts of unique shapes, richly carved buildings, magnificent pavilions, and amazing large-scale sculptures and reliefs. And these wood carvings are divided into characters, animals and flowers.

There are many well-known mythological characters in the sculpture of figures--the King of Utama and the bodhisattvas of kindness. These immortals, arhats, and saints all lived up to their birthdays in Peach Blossoms, Floyd Shouxi, and Luo Hantu. The peacock opened its doors and the various animals in the Chaoyang woodcarving of Shuangfeng were flying. Calling this to come out; peony, lotus, camellia and other designs made of ornaments, novel and elegant, unique, Jian Chuan wood carving can be described as carved to live on the wood.

In the Bai architecture with a unique style in Dali, Jianchuan wood carving is an indispensable part. Whether it is the carved doors and windows of residential buildings, or the pavilions and pavilions of carved buildings, they fully show the artistic talents of the Bai people's skilled craftsmen and the ancient and elegant features of the Dali area.

The Shihe River, Zhuliu, and Huilong in Jianchuan County are the hometown of wood carvings. Almost every household here does wood carving wood carvings. Whatever it can be, whether it is old or new house building, furniture size or even exquisite handicrafts, can not be separated from wood carving products. Most of the children in the village started to learn wood carving techniques when they were little. Therefore, generations of generations of generations have made this unique wood carving craft inheritable.

It is because of the diligence and wisdom of Jianchuan woodcarving people and the loyal love for woodcarving. It has won the reputation of “the hometown of wood carvings” for Dali Jianchuan, and has also greatly enhanced the Chinese wood carving art. It is understood that most of the woodworking parts of Yunnan's famous buildings such as Kunming's Jinmabijifang, Qiongzhusi, Panlong Temple, Jianshi's Shizhaobi, Wuding Lion Rock, Baoshan Feilai Temple and Binchuan Jizushan are mostly from Jianchuan. The hand of a woodcarver. Legend has it that the Beijing Imperial Palace, the Golden Palace, the Temple of Heaven, the Yuanmingyuan, and the Summer Palace also all have masterpieces of Bai carpenters.

"Four Seasons Spring and Autumn" carved lattice doors and windows are particularly renowned, known as "Sin Window." Carved lattice doors and windows, exquisite production process, generally divided into two sections. In the previous section, a multi-layered hollowing technique was adopted. The ground floor was carved out with geometric patterns. The surface was a relief depicting mountains, flowers, birds and figures. The lines were soft and lively. The next section was decorated with the animal husbandry relief of the chairmen. Perfectly integrated, complement each other, both beautiful and stable, constitute a complete works of art. Therefore, the Jianchuan woodcarving is not only famous in the Dali region, but also far and near the province.

Based on the inheritance and development of skills, the Bai ethnic artists continue to innovate and design and produce increasingly rich Jianchuan wooden handicrafts. Cloud-carved marble inlaid furniture is a new product of Jianchuan wood carving craftsmanship that is welcomed both at home and abroad. This kind of furniture is made of high-quality hardwood and carefully carved dragon, phoenix, lion, peacock, magpie, peony, plum, camellia and other decorative patterns, made all kinds of furniture, and then mosaic colored marble on the specialty of Cangshan, looks simple and elegant, novel Elegant, unique and rich in character, it is both practical and exquisite decorative artwork.

In the production, the Bai artists are very original, and especially valuable is the organic combination of wood carvings and the natural pattern of colored flowers and marbles that resemble Chinese landscape paintings. They form a unity of hardness and softness and harmony.


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