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First, the business must first adjust their own mentality, do not expect a profiteering industry, but also have failed to prepare! Do not think that looking for a store, into a batch of goods where you can count the money every day, some people he really hard but not necessarily make money, because the market competition is too intense! How much income, we must first look at the amount of investment and then compare the proceeds, do not do some not at the same level to disturb their mood! The greater the investment, the greater the risk, often the greater the return, this sentence must have his truth! Therefore, the same amount of investment should be compared to the same person to compare! The first step of the site is to do the most important condition of clothing, site selection will directly affect the turnover! According to the characteristics of the product, choose to sell in the right place is essential, so children's clothing must be selected in densely populated areas, but this section is not necessarily the sale of high-end products, lots of this flow of people are not necessarily intensive! Second, the overall image of the store, lighting and product display will also have a direct impact on sales! , People rely on clothes, Buddha to gold, sell clothes also need to pack! Even the best clothes on the stalls to sell is to spread the goods, people believe he is brand goods is very difficult! Third, how to sell clothes, how to retain customers, how to treat the old customers, the level of salesperson is very important! Fourth, the new opening, the need for a certain amount of stocking, the sales process, the store must also maintain a certain amount of stocking, the store has 30,000 of the goods, you can do 5000 yuan turnover, but if only 5,000 yuan It is absolutely impossible to goods a day can have a turnover of 5000! Do children's clothing, do not put the concept of the number and amount of confusion, the same turnover you sell more than the number of people, people shop 300, you also distribute 300, which turnover is certainly not go! Replenishment I have my own set, replenishment do not wait until the store sold almost replenishment, there is no one company is only for your personal service, the store will be able to replenish the goods today, but the stock Will affect the turnover, so need to make preparations for replenishment in advance, wait until sales are stable as long as regular replenishment on it!

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