Mermaid Lingerie elegant and charming natural nature

Technology and into the fashion and humanity is poetry Manfen product research and development of basic guidelines and requirements. Through the human form and movement and body and clothing coordination and comfort of the study, to design more humane high-quality underwear . In the past the domestic version of the underwear mainly from Europe and Japan, are naturally not suitable for Chinese size, in order to provide Chinese women with more comfortable, more scientific underwear, Shimanshen Institute of Human Sciences with 5 years time successfully measured The different regions of the country, women of different ages. On the basis of science, the designer of Schmitman successfully developed a healthy, stylish, high-quality product that conforms to the characteristics of Chinese women.


From the sexy stuff to a healthy and beautiful, Shi Manfen is the woman's real secret. Which woman do not want to have this charming secret, which woman do not want to be tranquil and flirtatious, attractive and sexy posed. Then start from the poem Manfin, learning elegant charm, reproduce natural instincts.

High-end double-barrel glass water smoke bag, personalized portable filter pot full set of organic glass metal removable cleaning (water filter smoke poison care for health care quit smoking)
The water-smoke bag is made of non-toxic and environmentally friendly resin material.
.The body of the water-smoke kettle is made of transparent crystal glass. The water-smoke kettle can effectively reduce the content of cigarette oil, purify the harmful substances in the smoke dust, such as alcohols and acids, and reduce the amount of harmful substances. Stimulation of smoke to respiratory tract reduces smoke on teeth.

Dual-tubed ShiSha Hookah

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