Butterfly flew over the flower garden Phantom of the waflow water flower 2012 spring and summer

Flying flower garden Splendor Phantom waflow Stronghold 2012 Spring Summer 2012 Spring Summer --waflow Stronghold "bright Butterfly" series

Butterfly flying over the flowers in full bloom in the garden, do not turn around the nostalgia, but stopped at the simple window edge, so the sun shines in, the window of the butterfly, illusion to do your body's bright Chinese clothing. waflow () Water flower 2012 spring and summer high-end series of "Bright Butterfly", inspired by the Spring Garden butterfly dances, using a rich layer of hollow butterfly embroidery, good support of the magic palm cup, and antibacterial Nourishing the health care fabric, for you to create luxurious, sophisticated, comfortable extreme personal experience.

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Elegant yet dynamic Jin Gui shape, for you to support a more full concentration of the temptation

飞过花圃的蝶舞魅影 waflow水中花2012春夏

Soothing maintenance comfort, bring a pleasant physical and mental experience

飞过花圃的蝶舞魅影 waflow水中花2012春夏

The direction of small folds, adding a more sexy temptation

Microfiber Pearl Cleaning Towel
Materials:80% Polyester 20% Polyamide or 70%polyester 30%polyamide
Fabric Type:pearl
Feature:Eco-Friendly, quick dry, absorbent
1.Household (towel dry hair, dry hair cap, Bath Towel) superfine fiber towels
2.Household cleaning (to wash the dishes, wipe the table, such as wiping)
3.Car care (washing, cleaning)
4.Beauty salons dedicated (beauty towel, dry Hair Towel, bath towel)
5.Face cloth
6.Towels, Advertisement towel

Microfiber Pearl Cleaning Towel

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