A beautiful and healthy dream begins with Haniel underwear

Guangzhou Pictorial underwear Co., Ltd. was established in 2004, is Seoul Seoul Group set up a special brand in the country operating subsidiaries. Founded in 2009, Han Keli'er underwear is underwear Li's painting collection product development, manufacturing and marketing as one of the lingerie brand products cover bra, underwear, body sculpting Clothing, home wear, camisole, thermal underwear, playing Underwear and hosiery and so on.

In 2000, Seoul Painting Group began to enter the underwear industry. As Europe's first line of underwear brands in Asia's largest supplier, the Group's underwear production plant not only has the traditional basic production equipment, but also from Taiwan, Germany, Italy and other places imported world-class advanced production equipment and testing instruments, And attracted many professional and technical personnel and management personnel, the establishment of a sound quality management system, as China's largest and most professional underwear manufacturers.


In the future, she will continue to introduce new products with the concept of "Caring for women? Concerned with health", continuously improve the core competitiveness of the brand and bring more healthy underwear and high-quality underwear for global women, Numerous women dressed in Han Lier underwear deduce one after another fashion, beautiful dream of health, so that "love beauty, love fashion, more love health" as a way of enjoying life, a way to love yourself, a Magnificent underwear culture!

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