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Hongbond summarizes and customizes the tailor-made skills inherited from Red Tailor's tailor-made creations. It inherits and develops the spirit of the Chinese Red Wand: providing tailor-made services to customers with the convenience of customized services via the Internet. Custom version, select the highest quality surface, accessories, stress on the sewing process excellence! For the first time, wearing a custom made Hongbond clothing can show the unique charm of men, but also contains a gentleman-like magic magic, make you indulge in his incomparable intimate and comfortable. Relying on the magic of the Internet, Hong Bang clothing in a very short period of time their own unique custom ideas and customized products delivered to all over the country, and quickly take root in the garment industry. When consumers first contact Redbottom clothing, they are often skeptical, the Internet can also be customized? However, after an online customization experience, it eventually became a loyal customer of Hongbang Chuangyi. The clothes fit well, but no more expensive than the clothes. In addition, Hongbond retains the size of clothes for its customers and makes it more convenient for repeat purchasers. What seems weird in the eyes of ordinary people is that customers only need to customize the order through the Internet to complete the customization and delivery of the shirt in only four days, thanks to Hongbond's traditional clothing sales process Reconstruction, integrated apparel production, supply chain management and e-commerce operations, developed a set of customized production and sales management system, which is the unique red robbery win the secret. Of course, can not be ignored is its unique team, they are like Water Margin 108 will, all have their own unique skills: e-commerce experts, clothing industry veteran, the capital of the best shirt master, a rare management elite! In this carefully crafted system management, Hong Bang clothing has a strong custom shirt production capacity, to quickly meet customer needs. It is precisely because of this, by virtue of the charm of the Internet and its own production capacity, Hong Bangchouyi opened up their own online custom Blue Ocean, is no longer subject to geographical, no longer subject to online offline pricing problems plagued, no longer subject Apparel inventory backlog tired. Hongbond customization allows customers to have the opportunity to become their own clothing image designer, more than three hundred shirt styles for customer reference, if still not enough, you can design their own style, decided to fabric. The other part of the customized target is the fit of clothes, how to provide clothes size, Hong Bang clothing also provides customers with a variety of ways: Experienced customer service in the customer's own body based on the provision of professional advice; customers can own Fit the clothes sent to the company, the company gourd drawn scoops to customize; if in Beijing and Shanghai, Guangzhou and other first-tier cities, it is even more simple, call 400 phone to Hongbang create clothing consultants on-site service, the amount of body plus On the professional wear consulting, customization needs of customers to better meet. Hong Bang clothing also plans to open in all major cities in the upscale business district offline display shop, the end of 2011 the first physical experience shop has been opened in Beijing LeCheng Center. Customers who have enjoyed Bonbon clothing services will be able to feel the temptation of customization that Hongbond can not resist. The company aimed at custom-made white-collar personalities, just a few short years of pocketed popularity, break some world. Taobao flagship store sales from the day when a few pieces to the current day a few hundred pieces, and even many well-known Fortune 500 companies are also its loyal customers. In addition, Hongbang clothing also has its own special services: (1) Hongbang clothing through the official website of the domestic online first 3D visual clothing customization system, you can easily customize services. Will be dedicated to their own or lover's letters or constellation symbols and a variety of holiday special embroidery sweet embroidered shirt, from the boyfriend, father, friends, customers that sincerity of holiday gifts no longer have to worry about. (2) Have you heard that lovers can also be customized? Of course, whether you are a fat red body is thin, is high and short, can easily achieve their aspirations, with him (she) wear the same section of clothes, fashion and board, envy others! Hongbond's brand name can be said to be an alternative to the custom clothing industry. It has created a unique and innovative mode of development among traditional top-tier apparel brands. Hong Bang clothing sales is not just a fashion, more valuable is a caring. Welcome to Hongbond to experience the irresistible temptation to add to your life.

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