Extraordinary rain brand women's colorful fashion affordable

Hangzhou extraordinary Garments Co., Ltd. set up a "service is marketing" concept, through a variety of marketing planning, seize the franchisee to profit, consumers should be satisfied with the fundamental principles. Requires the company's marketing staff have various business skills, while providing fashion quality products. Through all kinds of excellent service all over the country's sales network to enhance the franchise business ability, let the extraordinary rain as consumers "want to buy, buy, buy to" clothing.


非凡雨品牌女装  买得起的多彩时尚

非凡雨品牌女装  买得起的多彩时尚

BUSINESSIDEAS company is committed to becoming the consumer favorite brand, emphasizing the brand's quality, fashion and marketing. The promotion of extraordinary rain brand franchise stores, counters mode of operation as the main body, through standardized, standardized and humane management and service, so that customers receive the greatest satisfaction to achieve the company, agents, stores win-win goal.

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