Congratulations WISEMI series of brand infants, children's clothing stationed in Dongguan City, Haiya Department Store

Congratulations WISEMI brand children's clothing stationed in Dongguan Nancheng Commercial Center high-end fashion stores - Haiya Department Store, and November 23, 2012 dress up. WISEMI brand children's clothing from design and development to production and sales and brand management are walking in the forefront of the industry. WISEMI brand children's clothing store located in Haiya Department Store 5 floor children's clothing area, where high-end children's clothing brand gathered in the country. WISEMI brand children's clothing will be its noble, elegant style, for children 0-16 to create a full range of fashion, fresh, comfortable dress code for your child to cultivate elegant genes from childhood. WISEMI series of children's clothing brand, in the future will bring more exciting life for children.

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