Different levels of price disparity, be careful that your jade is made of "stone"

Recently, a domestic netizen posted a set of fake jade jade bracelets on the Internet, and the stone rings were corroded, colored, glued, etc., and the jadeite that came out finally was exactly the same as the real jade. The reporter also asked Huzhou industry insiders. "This kind of technique can indeed be done as 'Jadeite', but this kind of fraud is not unique now. It has long been an open secret in the industry, but you outsiders don't know it. "The Nanzhao people who have been engaged in antique business for many years have become a country. ) told reporters that these so-called stones are not entirely stone. Many of the jadeites with poor grades have become high-grade jade after being treated. "This year, the price of jade has risen well, and the fake nature has increased." Huzhou citizen Pharaoh bought a pair of jade jade bracelets when he was traveling in Myanmar ten years ago. His purchase price was 5,000 yuan. Recently, he saw the newspaper saying that the price of jade has skyrocketed this year, and he remembered the pair of jade bracelets still hidden in the house. So he found a friend who made antiques to help identify him. The friend said that his jadeite belongs to A goods. This year, the price has risen at least five times. "When I first bought it, I still felt a little expensive. It seems that this thing has the same value-preserving function as gold." Knowing this result, Pharaoh was quite happy.

However, lucky people like Pharaoh are still a minority, and most of them may become victims of this "crazy stone." Cheng told reporters that "the jade is from Myanmar, and there are sub-methods of A, B and C. A cargo refers to jadeite that is naturally produced and not treated by hand. B goods refer to the original water and poor color. Jadeite is soaked with strong acid and strong alkali to improve its water and color, and to remove impurities. The voids on jadeite B are often filled with organic rubber or inorganic glue. C goods are colorless or light-colored jade. Artificially dyed jewelry." According to reports, the B and C goods occupy the majority of the market jade, and the price of these jadeites generally ranges from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan, while the A goods are tens of thousands to tens of dollars. There are millions of yuan. "Some B goods are modified like A goods. People who don't understand spend a lot of money to buy them." Cheng said that if you want to invest in jade, the first choice is definitely Class A, but Such jadeites are basically rare in the market, and even if they are, they are expensive.

Jade Investment is not a common person in Yunnan, Myanmar and other places, said to buy the jade stone as a "gambling stone", a jade raw stone is not good, in addition to experience, more is also luck, and a gambling word will be such The high risk of buying and selling is exposed. It is understood that this year, 3 billion Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces have traveled to Myanmar to explode jade, and the result is that jade raw materials have risen by at least 30% this year. The good raw stones and good heads are priceless, and even the price of jade jewelry has appeared. A stranger that is lower than the raw materials of the same material.

"Gambling stone is 'ten gambling and nine loses'. Many people have lost their blood in the end." Cheng told reporters that there are very few bosses involved in gambling in Huzhou, and Zhejiang is mainly Wenzhou. "Gambling people, tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of investment gambling stones, may not be able to buy a piece of good jade stone. Ordinary people a few hundred dollars would like to go to the ground to spread a leak, is this realistic?" Cheng stressed, For ordinary people, investing in jade is definitely not a wise thing.

At the "2011 China Kunming Pan-Asian Stone Fair Jewelry and Jade Forum" held this month, the famous Chinese jade and jade evaluation and appraisal expert Mo Tai also said that the current jade market is so high that it is best for ordinary investors not to enter.

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