SUORANG original brand women in the simple add indifferent

SUORANG the natural original designer brand women's selection purest natural raw materials, through superior craftsmanship, to retain the most authentic property, natural texture, gentle tones, comfortable touch, transparent gloss, everything is totally Tiancheng. We are just in the vast expanse of the earth intercepted a small one, with original inspiration for the brush, in the simple picture add touch finishing touch of indifference.


Pure cotton fabric brings the feeling of natural skin-friendly, joined the wrinkle process to make the surface with tree grain texture, texture is more thick and warm; skirts with very Zen modification, hair must be cuffed cut the clip, rather Chinese classical Implication; unique cotton patchwork splicing collar piece, you can spell take the shoulder, structural combination, so that clothing more original style.


Knit elegant flannel patchwork sweet little skirts long skirts, small Pleated Pleiades parlors, ultra-slender smooth woolen, soft and delicate texture, geometrical film woven scarf, warm double, waist pleats and other elements are Made of light winter coat of this paragraph temperament, uniform wind double breasted, bring out a different rate.

Tpr Sole is the same kind of sole made of the same raw material. It's called TPR, but its name is different

TPR sole is a kind of polymer material which is blended and modified by thermoplastic elastomer SBS and other functional aids. It is processed by extrusion, injection molding and molding, and then formed. It has the advantages of antiskid, low temperature resistance, strong bending, good air permeability, small density and strong bonding strength

Tpr Sole

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