Yarn inventory up to three months: more than half of the operating rate of Xiangfan spinning enterprises

Yarn inventory up to three months: more than half of the operating rate of Xiangfan spinning enterprises As of December 14th, there were 488 old warrants in Zhengzhou, and 72 new warrants were effectively forecasted. According to the standard batch of 40 tons, 19,002 tons of Chenmian warehouse receipts and 2,880 tons of new cotton warehouse receipts totaled 22,400 tons; according to statistics, There are 65,000 tons of blended cotton on the market. As of December 13, the country’s temporary storage and storage exceeded 4 million tons, including more than 2 million tons of Xinjiang cotton. Overall, high-grade lint resources are increasingly limited. The textile companies interviewed in Xiangfan, Hubei Province, learned that the current operating rate of textile companies is about 60%, and the national reserve cotton that was auctioned in September has been basically used up. Last week, on the market in Hubei, the quotation for Xinjiang Grade 2 ** warehouse receipts was around RMB 20,400/tonne, for Level 2 blended cotton was RMB 20,150/tons, and for Xinjiang Xinmao Group 3, the gross settlement check price was RMB 20,600-21,000/ton. The price of cotton in Xinjiang that textile enterprises can afford is 20,000 yuan/ton for gross weight settlement. Such a high lint price has turned textile companies' eyes to the cotton market. Most of the companies surveyed are purchasing cotton and high-quality Australian cotton. The purchase price is 20,000 yuan/ton, and the purchase of some local small cotton bags, the purchase price is 4 levels of 18,500 yuan/ton, 3 levels of 19,000 yuan/ton; in the surveyed companies, the raw material inventory is about half a month, and the spinning enterprises still follow. Buy and use, textile enterprises on the one hand hope that the state can throw the state reserve, on the other hand, waiting for the issuance of quotas in the new year, due to poor yarn delivery in the downstream, yarn inventory is high for three months, most yarn inventory In about a month and a half.

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