HS interpretation of fashion mix and match wind HOLD live cold

HS brand originated from Paris, France, which has always focused on one goal: to present the most complete and simplest fashion elements in Paris to Chinese and even Asian fashion women. HS apparel has a simple and clear, easy to mix features. So that modern women enjoy a more abundant living space. HS costumes in a pragmatic attitude, with uncompromising quality, with exciting details with, so that you can more easily highlight the urban femininity, more confident side. HS brand women set off a winter fashion mashup style, hold live cold!


Black has always been to convey the best of handsome, eclectic placket tailoring and casual lapel design, with black fur luxury and personality, MIX leopard chiffon shirt & blue denim, mix and match casual.

H.S演绎时尚混搭风 HOLD住寒冷

Want the most cutting-edge fashion dress to be different, stylish and sharp old cave equipment, interpretation of full personality, with a khaki jacket, is the perfect collision of sweet and personality.

H.S演绎时尚混搭风 HOLD住寒冷

Gradient color whether this year's summer or winter, are the same popular, gradual brown fur Department, low-key and noble, with the generous and generous, with a small printing primer shirt, elegant and simple and clear.

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