Green fruit children's clothing lead children's fashion trend

Hong Kong green fruit children's clothing is leading children's clothing trend, rich colors, simple lines, fashionable, outstanding personality, comfortable wearing design for the high-brand children's clothing, the choice of clothing fabrics, cotton fabrics, mainly for children's skin Features Choose soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic fabrics, the indicators are in strict accordance with international standards. Green fruit classic black and white series Green fruit children's wear to meet the modern pursuit of new ideas, with avant-garde, personalized performance practices to fill the blanket of modern fashion children's series, is the preferred brand of children wear. Hong Kong green fruit children's clothes are mainly divided into fashion classic black and white series and the colorful series of two childhood dreams mainstream. Green fruit classic black and white series Fashion classic black and white series: adhering to the adult black and white fashion essence, launched a black and white fashion extravagance family, children against the backdrop of this series full of good enough, cool, handsome, most personal side . Green fruit Dream childhood Colorful series Dream childhood Colorful series: Childhood is a colorful dream, to cater to the colorful, ever-changing children's world, close to the international trend of color trends, launched a colorful series of childhood dreams, children in this series Under the backdrop of full highlight of the naive, lively, lovely side. Green fruit dream childhood colorful series Green fruit children's clothing brand as a whole children's clothing, apparel and fashion with the main product lines, products from 1-15 years old (80-160CM) seasons children's clothing to children's shoes, backpacks, hairpin and other jewelry readily available , The pursuit of the overall clothing and apparel, and create a "one-stop" shopping experience, through the guidance of professional color shopping guide, to lead you to share this children's fashion manor.


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