NEEZZ Nirvana men teach you to perform an extraordinary aristocratic demeanor

Guangzhou Niju Garments Co., Ltd. under the brand name "NEEZZ Nijia" 2012 continuation of its own elaborate exquisite business classics, urban elites, gentleman fashion personality style characteristics at the same time, for the first time using the Eurasian Mediterranean faction and other international fashion elements as a new Product development concept, once again introduced to the refined use of the exquisite color, irregular broken design, coupled with exquisite craftsmanship, the pursuit of excellence in the modern charm gentleman play Ze classic British class, fashion boutique elegant life, with Into another brand new visual space, colorful combination of charm, extremely jazz unique style, so that the pursuit of individual freedom, simple and clean, dynamic and stylish you, once again feel the essence of a new self transformation and taste sublimation. NEEZZ represents the spirit of the modern city, specifically for the pursuit of quality, know how to enjoy life, tailored for this young, beyond the charm, to meet the pursuit of quality men's dress needs. NEEZZ Nepalese symbolizes a jazz, gentleman grade, representing the meaning and style of self-cultivation, high-grade and status of men's brand. 2012 autumn and winter, NEEZZ Nijie full build based on South China dumbbell-shaped marketing channels and network structure, adhere to the bigger and stronger enterprise development goals, determined to enter the Chinese men's business fashion men's A-class team within 3 years and strive to 5 years NEEZZ Nijue brand into China's new sophisticated business casual fashion men's first brand

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